Monday, February 1, 2016

#MondayMusings Acceptance of Loss and Change

This cartoon certainly touched a nerve this morning and triggered an outpouring of emotion that has evolved into this blog post.

I sure miss my mom’s phone calls. That was our way of staying connected across the vast thousand mile distance between Ontario and Cape Breton. 

My mom just loved to talk on the phone with friends and family, especially during the last few years of her life when she wasn’t as active anymore. She would come out to the sunroom, sit in her favourite chair (sometimes with an orange cat in her lap) and phone people. She used to put on the speaker phone which I never liked, but she found it easier and my dad could listen in, too. I used to tell her I wasn't a phone person and that I preferred email and Facebook are since I express myself best in writing. 

What I wouldn't do for one of my mom’s phone calls now. Miss her every day. I'm adapting and going on, as one must do after losing a loved one, but life is definitely not the same. 

Life becomes that much more precious as we start to lose more people in our lives. Getting older means we will lose even more people as time goes on. We must learn to accept that so much is out of our control and we learn to go with the change just like a tree bending in a strong wind. 

We learn to appreciate simple things more. Material possessions aren’t quite as important and often seem to weigh us down. Who needs all this stuff? We only get to keep it for a short while anyhow. One day our kids will have to sort through our stuff and get rid of it.

Now I crave experiences and connections with people. Living with purpose, passion and creativity is my motto. I try to let go of regrets, guilt and negativity. I’m still working on that. It’s a day to day challenge.

Losing loved ones reminds of our own mortality and how we don’t have as much time as we think we do. The time to do is now. The time to act is now. Not some day.

My hope is that in my own small way, I can make the world a bit brighter through the things I create such as the words I write, the photos I take, the music I perform. Also I hope my connections with others are significant and I can touch their lives just as they touch mine.

I won’t change the world in a huge way but just enough to feel that my time on earth has meaning and that people will remember me after I’m gone.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm grateful for online friends!

I’m finding it hard to focus this morning and seem to be flitting back and forth as much as those little chickadees outside my window who fly to the feeder, take one seed and fly away to the tree again and again. 

To make myself focus, I promised Vidya I would take part in her monthly Gratitude Circle bloghop linkup. Check out her wonderful post for the latest Gratitude Circle Gratitude Effect

I decided to write a little gratitude ditty about being grateful for online friends. 

I have many online friends. Some I have actually met in person. Some are neighbours or I know them from my musical groups. Some are relatives. Some I knew long ago in school or at work and we reconnected through the magic of Facebook. 

I also have my writing and blogging friends to share about the joys and struggles of writing. 

My cat and dog loving friends are so special to share about our pets.  I am a crazy cat lady, after all! MEOW! Oh, Sorry Loup. I do love dogs, too, really!

There are some random friends whom I can’t even remember how I connected with them but I’m glad I did. 

Some friends I connect with daily, some only now and then.

Each friend is a special jewel in my online friendship necklace and I’m grateful for each one.

Reaching out to keep in touch
Every day we share so much,
We like to chat about our day
There’s always something we can say,

We share our feelings or just a thought
We share when we’re happy and when we’re not,
We like sharing memories of way back when
Reliving those times again and again,

Online friends brighten up my day
They always know just what to say
Lifting me up, they make me smile
Online friends are so worthwhile!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Early Morning Reflections

I love my early mornings when the world is still asleep. I sit and sip my coffee as I look at Facebook posts and connect with other early birds around the world. 

This is one of the best parts of the day, my time – a time to connect with other creative souls, a time to create, dream, reflect and wonder. 

This morning I took photos of the full moon once again. It was calling out to me so I went outside on the icy driveway in pjs and slippers and took more photos while standing in the freezing cold. Call me crazy!

Then a bit later, the sunrise was a blazing show of orange and reds so of course I trekked outside once again to take more photos. Good thing I’m always overheating from menopause and that the cold didn’t bother me much. Felt kind of good actually!

Even if I take a photo of the same subject such as the full moon or Mr. C, no two photos are ever the same, just like no two moments are ever the same. 

Good to remember when I fall into that ho hum rut, feeling like I’ve seen it all a thousand times and it’s all become so boring and routine.  

Every day is different, every moment is different, and I’m different.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Flurry of Feasting Finches

I enjoy watching the birds from my window as many of you know already. No two days are ever the same and I never know who will show up or who won't. Those birds keep me guessing and don't share about their comings and goings. Of course I know the squirrels will show up no matter what. Sigh. Big gluttonous pigs!

Yesterday I had a real swarm of finches arrive in fine form, flitting back and forth between the trees, the feeders and the ground.

I appreciate my winter birds so much how they can endure the bitter cold. They brighten up the dullest days with their cheerful presence. I am so grateful for my birds! Squirrels! Not so much!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Love my Coffee!

I am enjoying Shailaja’s Facebook posts describing how much she enjoys her tea and how it’s like a spiritual experience for her. She describes it so well, drawing on all the senses. When I read her posts, I feel I'm there sharing that tea with her and feel so calm and transformed. 

I’m sure all the tea companies in India would love to have her writing ads for them. I'd buy that tea for sure!

I do enjoy tea but for this post, I am writing about my love of coffee, especially on these cold, dark days of winter when I need all the help I can to feel energetic, positive and upbeat.

My love affair with coffee probably started in my college student days living in Montreal in the 1980’s. Montreal gave me a real taste for good coffee before it became as trendy as it is today.

I love my Coffee!

Coffee, coffee, that magical brew
It greets me on cold, dark days,
So hot and sweet, a friend so true
Let me count the ways,

It gives me a buzz when I’m feeling low
When I need that extra jolt,
I take a gulp and away I go
As fast as a lightning bolt,

My machine isn’t fancy, but works just fine
It’s not quite the Starbucks touch,
But it’s so much easier than waiting in line
And doesn’t cost so much,

Stand back and get out of my way
If you don’t want heads to roll!
I need my coffee to start the day
Or else I’m a terrible troll!